OBAAH (Our Beginnings All Are Humble) Tour started as live music and art installations fueled by the righteous creative efforts of founding artist Fernandez Live and his team around the country.

Fernandez "Nando" Womack

Fernandez "Nando" Womack

Our clients are start-ups and established businesses, that are ready to upgrade their web presence, brand or online store.

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Our Formula


The live component of OBAAH established a community of artist, creators and fans alike to gather under one roof and share thousands of moments. Artists like Wyclef Jean, uses our network to deliver spectacular shows and activations to wide ranges of audiences.


Unlike live, the digital web is another environment where we provide expertise. Artist, brands and creators use our services to achieve goals that expand their reach, digitally across the web and achieve clarity with their message and/ or product.


OBAAH tour partners with community leaders and more recently, the youth. We have planned initiatives to donate through events and activations geared for youth education and community enrichment.

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