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Project Brief

As a fast-growing architectural design firm, Drummond Projects needed a new approach to their digital experience. The majority of architecture service buyers checks a firms website prior to making a decision to work with them. Our goal was to create an appearance on their website that would reflect their experience as a design company.



In our first strategy call we learned that getting quality projects in the architecture business is difficult. Not only that, Drummond Projects felt insecure about their website due to the lack of quality and poor user experience.

The current website only served as an About page with a stock Squarespace template. Drummond Projects needed a solution for clients to contact, sign agreements, view projects and get informed on current news about the company.

In 2020 the firm relocated to Washington D.C and experienced a positive growth in website traffic due to referrals and social media. They needed a solution in capturing this traffic and converting to clients. They desired an upgraded design that positioned them as a valued firm. They also sought to utilize a visitor retargeting system that gathered email and client data. 


To attract more B2B clients Drummond Projects needed a state of the art design for their website that reflects their firm in the best way possible. OBAAH Digital Solutions worked alongside Drummond Projects team to fully develop, design and brand their new digital experience from scratch.

The font, colors and logo were defined by Drummond Project’s approach to design – Light, Space and Architecture. We incorporated this theme through the design by aligning images and text to a 3 x 3 structure. 

Scope of Work:

• Market / Competitor Research
• Brand and Asset Audit
• Brand Strategy & Consulting
• Brand Design and Development
• Website Design and Development
• Social Media & Email Marketing Brand Design
• Ongoing Website Management 
• Ongoing Content Marketing
• Ongoing Email Marketing


Over the course of the first 3 months, Drummond Projects has seen a 3x rise in client interest across new business and website traffic. After launch, the branding campaign and marketing strategy improved firm awareness and attracted several new clients.

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